La Plaza Car agency

Marrakech, The ocher city is a beautiful breakthrough in the world of tourism. What makes her has become the ultimate tourist city which everyone is talking about, recognizes its charm and joy.

For this LAPLAZA CAR which is a car rental agency based in Marrakech. It is composed of a young team, dynamic and anxious to serve its customers well.

A market study showed us that its tourists have different needs one of others, for this reason LAPLAZA CAR offers you car rental offers that meet all these expectations.

A wide range of vehicles will be put at their disposal, so there is:
- small cars or cars called city cars are rented to meet the need of traffic inside the cities, which everyone knows is becoming more and more dense.

- Another category of cars called mid-range more spacious ensuring a more comfortable trip equipped all the same by a system of last technology: "Auto air conditioning, Bluetooth, USB cable .... "

Our agency has not forgotten also its luxury clientele who offers them high cars range like "Touareg, Mercedes, Rang Rover ... ..".

Go with LAPLAZA CAR you will certainly be satisfied.